Ardour 7.0 crashes on Mac book air

We installed Ardour 7.0 on my friend’s Mac book Air M1. Otherwise it works fine, but when you try to open the session again after closing it, Ardour crashes. Working is therefore impossible.

On my Avlinux MXE machine it works great:)

I use it on macbook air (M2), actually develop on the system on occasion, so it is likely something specific to your friend’s system. It would be great if we could track this down, in case other users also run into the issue.

Could you send us the CrashReport that macOS generates (rather than click to send it to Apple)?

Yes I can, Where I send it?

Ideally to, but you could also use or some paste-site and send use a link here.

We did a complete update to the device and reinstalled Ardour. Now it seems to work.

Here is Crash report if needed.

Does the crash still happen?

It is not immediately obvious what the issue is here. Although I have seen something similar at one point when Ardour lacked permissions to write to the “Music Folder” (gatekeeper prevented Ardour to access the “Files and Folders”.

Apple Preferences > Security & Privacy > Files & Folders or Full Disk Access.

That would be something that could have potentially been fixed by the update you did.

As far as I know it works now. We will be recording on it from the end of the week…

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