Ardour 7.0 and 7.1 slow export [solved]

installed Ardour 7 and it’s all good except the export.
Project on 6.9 converted to 7 (untouched) are being exported with 0.8x speed~
If I re-open the same project with v6.9 the export run at least 4x.
I dont know what to check to solve, i’m running on windows 11, Focurite Scarlett 3th gen (using as the 6.9 the focusrite asio driver)
I tried to disable all effects plugin from the mixer but nothing changed… (real-time export is not checked)

Any clue?
Thank you.

i just installed Jackaudio for windows, connected to the focusrite asio driver, all is working good and superfast.

That should not be necessary.

This is a mysterious issue, and does not happen here in a quick tests. I have also asked around and all other Windows user that I know do not experience this issue.

There is another report with a similar solution: Ardour 7 Slow Export and Analyze Win 11 [Solved] – It would be great to find out what your systems have in common.

What settings do you use? (Ardour > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup) Do you use tiny buffersizes?

Hi Robin thank you for support, I agree with you that this should not be an issue.
Now i’m on a PC with Linux that i use to work (yeah… don’t ask why i’m using windows to make music… it’s a bit complicated ahahaha) but if i’m not wrong i have 48khz and a buffer of 64

Let me known if you need anything else, screenshot, debug i’m very pleased to help.

Thank you.

Ok, just checked and done some testing.

Switching to Focusrite ASIO without JACK and buffersize 64 results on analyze and export speed without freewheeling (speed is lower than real time)

Increasing the buffersize results to an increased speed. I have a comparable speed to JACK if I set the frambuffer at least to 512.

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