Ardour 7 Slow Export and Analyze Win 11 [Solved]

After installing Ardour 7 I had an issue with exports and analyze loudness being real slow, slower than realtime. I’m using win 11 with FlexASIO and behringer U-Phoria UM2. FlexASIO is way better than Asio4all in terms of performance btw, at least it was in Ardour 6.9. In 7 it became an issue it slowed down to almost half of realtime. The workaround for export and analyze to work normally (in my setup) is by using JACK. Its not really a bug, but JACK was crap in 6.9, the latency sucked, somehow in 7 it can go as good as 0.7ms using JACK, the same number as FlexASIO did in 6.9. The downside is I can’t use FlexASIO anymore in 7.

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