Ardour 6.7 session export timing issue

I recently installed Ardour 6.7 on my UbuntuStudio machine. I queued up a new session, recorded a few quick tracks of drums and guitar to try out the new recording interface (love it!). The playback sounds perfect in the DAW, but the export comes out with the tracks out of time. The drums start on time, but within about 7 seconds they are out of time, shuffling out of time with everything else. In DAW it’s fine, it’s just off in the exports. I did multiple WAV exports with different settings in case it was a fluke but it seems consistently repeatable. I saved and closed and reloaded the previous version of Ardour 6.3, opened that same session, and exported and the timing was perfect. I’m willing to troubleshoot if this is worth looking into.

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