Ardour 6.7.273 32Bit won't launch with Windows 10 64Bit


I used Ardour 32 Bit version, but when I want to launch the same version with a 64 Bit version, Ardour won’t.

The process “Ardour” appears in the process window, but it seems to be not executable.

This is the only 32Bit application that behaves like this (and Mixbus too).
This trouble is embarrassing because I want to be able to work both with a tower PC and a notebook, for convenience.

An option in the GCC compiler for 32 Bit software being executable in a 64 Bit environment ?

Can you have a look and fix it ?

Best regards.


Is there a reason why you do not use the 64bit version on 64bit Windows?

I just checked. I don’t have a Windows 10 system, but the 32bit version runs perfectly fine on 64bit Windows 7:

I can confirm it works on Win10 (64-bit) too:

Yes, there is.

My tower PC is a 32 Bit version, not my notebook.

Pretty much cool for you.

What do you suggest for me ?

Perhaps run 64 bit on the laptop, 32 bit on the Desktop?

The main issue may be 32/64bit VST plugins.

Anyway, can you check if there’s a crash-report in %localappdata%\Ardour6\CrashLog\?
or start ardour from a cmd.exe Terminal, see if there’s some hint printed there?

(search for cmd.exe in the start menu, then run C:\Program Files\Ardour6\bin\ardour.exe there).


I want to transfer all my projects from the laptop to my PC if necessary; and not be bother with 32Bit/64Bit compatibility precisely.

Ok, I’ll give a check with VST.

Notice that ALL my sound processing 32 bit application, and ALL the others 32 Bit (I can provide a list) work fine.

That is the reason why I post this issue.

Cheers. (see you)

The session format is compatible. You can load sessions created on macOS on Windows or Linux regardless of the CPU architecture. All audio processing is 32bit float (also regardless of the binary’s CPU architecture.

Also plugins will work if they’re available. However 64bit Ardour will only load 64bit VSTs. Then again most vendors do provide the same plugin in 32 and 64 bit variants.

You may also benefit from using the 64bit versions, it performs slightly better on a 64bit system.

Knowing that, it is one of the others reasons I keep working with 32 Bit environnent.

My laptop is not a gaming PC, just an ordinary one, not much powerfull.

Yes, you’re right with VST, but if you were working with 64 Bit version, will the 32 Bit version be able to do the same rendering result ? Don’t want to feed potential incompatibilities.

Well, for most SSE/AVX a 64bit processor can perform two 32bit float operations in one cycle. So DSP load can theoretically be half. Additional CPU registers on a 64 bit CPU can also help.

Yes, that is the reason why I bought AMD 64 Bit processors 15 years ago, for running a 32 Bit OS, and I don’t regret it at all.

Well, there is no crashlog at C:\Users\Gwen\AppData\Local\Ardour6\CrashLog

The process is available in the process windows, there is no crash. The main Ardour window won’t appear.

There is a file who appears in C:\Users\Gwen\AppData\Local\Ardour6
when I launch Ardour by cmd.exe, called “Ardour_announcements_windows_6.2.138”, and Windows sees it as a " .138 file"

No more clue at the moment.

Perhaps try to start from a clean slate, remove Preferences from %localappdata\Ardour6.

Another clue… at that early point Ardour queries available soundcards and available sample-rates maybe that takes a while to timeout?

For a second opinion: does the 64bit version work?

“One or many Ardour.exe threads are in state ; waiting”

Ok. I’ll check.

I tested with Ardour 6.2.138 64 bit version which was running fine.

By “Preferences”, do you mean “config” ? I don’t find it at this moment.

Only trying to rule out an issue with the binary itself or Win10 :slight_smile:

Well, I did not find the “Preferences” file, so I made a clean install by deleting all the files in :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Ardour6

C:\Program Files\Ardour6


I install Ardour 6.7.289 64Bit, and it won’t launch !

Two sound cards drivers were being installed, A Tascam US 20x20 one, and a Zoom UAC-8 one.
Both the built-in microphone and the spealkers are tested “fine”
And the 3.5 mm microphone is “not connected”

So I"m inquiring this way.

^^ that one. %localappdata\Ardour6 is where ardour keeps all internal state.
Maybe also reboot for good measure, because I’m otherwise out of ideas.

PS. Thanks for being persistent, and not giving up. Let’s hope we’ll find a solution and learn something useful!

Here’s a last idea… maybe some antivirus software gets in the way?