Ardour 6.5 and Qjackctl

Hello. I’m trying to start with Ardour. Previously I’ve working on audacity and Guitarix on Ubuntu 20.04. My laptop is a Alienware R3 (2018). I followed step by step the instructions, but Ardour still crashing when I tried to connect using JACK. Audacity works fine…real time in Jack is working. Any suggestions to solve that? Thanks in advance.

Is there a particular reason why you want to use JACK? Ardour does not require it and for most users, simply using Ardour’s own ALSA backend is simpler in several ways.

Hello Paul. I want to use Ardour alongside Guitarix and a USB interface (iRig) to recording my guitar and other instruments. Is it possible using Guitarix and Ardour without Jack? Sorry if my question is too silly, but I’m new using Linux to recording myself.
Ardour works fine usign ALSA and Irig. I’m trying with jack only to use Guitarix + Ardour.

update I’ve found guitarix plugins. They works fine using these plugins instead my previous workflow (guitarix standalone + audacity connected by jack). With that I think I’ve solved my issue.

If you’re okay working with a commercial guitar simulator plugin, ToneLib GFX might be an option. Not free nor (as far as I am aware) open source, but is the only “complete rig as a plugin” option I have found so far. I also think there’s an option to convert a Guitarix setup to an lv2 plugin using Carla, but I haven’t tried it myself, so can’t verify that it works as intended.

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This is what I do. Run Carla standalone, add guitarix plugins, then add LSP for compression, gate, EQ, and impulse responses, and finally use dragonfly reverb and LSP artistic delay/airwindows tape delay/calf vintage delay for ambience. Once you have a sound you like, routed the way you want it, save it.

Crack open Ardour. Add airwindows totape6 to the master bus for fatness. Record your guitar dry. Add Carla rack, open your preset you made, profit. I usually end up disabling any ambience plugins and using a bus as an optional last step but that’s just me.

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On Ubuntu 20.04, the best setup I’ve found is to replace stock pulseaudio and jack2 servers with pipiwire, and then, run jack clients like pw-jack ardour, pw-jack carla
This way you have jack pulse and alsa clients working simultaneously (you can watch youtube, and play on your midi keyboard connected to synth through carla patch bay). With stock servers, you have to do some hackery to achieve this…

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