Android-based MIDI Control

I would like to use an Android tablet as a MIDI controller for Ardour/Mixbus on Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux - either one or both would be fine. All it needs to do is send three CC commands - “Transport Start”, “Transport Stop” and “Transport Home”. It can be either USB or Wi-Fi. Is there such an app?

I do not have direct personal experience with this app, but I believe it will do what you need:

Android port:

Computer side service to accept MIDI over network:

As I understand you need QMIDINet running on your computer to translate ipMIDI packets back to standard MIDI messages for your software, and the QMIDICtl program running on Android will generate those ipMIDI packets (so your Android device and computer need to be connected to the same Ethernet sub-net).

Excellent - thank you Chris. I’ll give this a try and let you know how it works.

Update: Apparently this app is not compatible with any of my Android devices. Oh well. It was worth a try.

Qmidictl doesn’t work very well with Ardour anyway.

Check this out: GitHub - jean-emmanuel/ardour-control: OSC Surface for Ardour

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The most obvious answers to this are:

  1. TouchOSC - proprietary but extremely flexible app allowing OSC control of anything that talks OSC, including huge amounts of functionality in Ardour. There are various templates for using it with Ardour floating around online.

  2. Ardour’s own web interface. Enable it under Edit > Preferences > Control Surfaces and then point your browser (phone or tablet or whatever) at the indicated address. We provide a fairly basic but useful interface, and if you have any web development experience, it is easy to create new ones.


I use TouchOSC and it works great!

Can’t believe it! Web interface is what I was looking for. Thanks!!!

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So the OSC parameters give this: osc.udp//rbtcoserver1:3819/ and upon putting this in a browser address bar I get the error telling me “This site can’t be reached”

I think this might be a case of asking too specific of a question. I guess the actual goal was any way to remotely control the Ardour transport, and not actually a way to send network MIDI to Ardour?

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I was wondering the same thing. It is under WebSockets instead of OSC. Below is the manual page I located that explains how to set it up, which worked for me. I used the command “ip -4 address” per the manual and substituted “localhost:3818” with “” per that command’s output, and it opened up in my phone’s browser.

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Here are my attempts at the topic a while ago. See summary in final posting

Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

[quote=“Websockets and web_surfaces [ANSWERED], post:1, topic:105026”]
Any pointers to documentation how to address this appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Just find the IP address of your computer and use it like this: but substitute the part in front of the colon with your own ip address. On windows, open a command prompt and enter “ipconfig” without the quotes and look for an entry that starts with 192.168 . . . and there it is. On linux, open a terminal window and enter ifconfig and look for the same thing. Don’t know about Mac but I’m sure it’s similar to one of the above. Note that the commands are different for windows and linux - iFconfig on linux and iPconfig on windows.

Using this method any device that can connect to your router and has a browser can become the controller.

[quote=“Websockets and web_surfaces [ANSWERED], post:1, topic:105026”]
P.S.: It is probably way beyond my capabilities to add more transport capabilities like rewind …

It shouldn’t be too difficult for someone with programming experience.

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Spoke too soon . . . :grin:

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