ADAT inputs on RME Multiface II


just a simple question: what do I need to make use of the 8 ADAT inputs on a Multiface II? Would a Octamic II do the job of taking the signals of the 8 analog preamps its got and converting it to ADAT, so that I have 8 more separate inputs on the Multiface II? Would also a Behringer ADA8000 PRO-8 Digital + 2 RME Quadmics do the same stuff for a lower price? Sorry but the docs at the RME website are a bit confusing…


I’ve read somewhere in the forums that you are a RME autorized seller, would you ship to Italy too? I would buy from you if this means supporting Ardour in some way :slight_smile:

Yes they are linux powered and work with ardour out of the box, and the shop is open right now!

Ok wanted to check as it limits usability in my case. I still applaud you for creating it don’t get me wrong, but without motorized it means I could use it for live mixing, but not for automation in sessions very well sadly. I look forward to your future solutions though, I already have a Mackie MCU but am always looking for alternatives.


Hi Seablade, the faders are 100mm ALPS faders, as used in pro audio equipment costing 5 times the price of a SmartMIX, but no they are not motorised.

There are plans in the pipeline to implement a future motor fader model.

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Im am using exact the same setup the threadstarter was asking for:

Multiface II + 2x RME Quadmic + Beringer AD8000 connected to ADAT. Everything works fine. I can say the sound differences between the Quadmics and ADA are marginal, nothing to worry about.
My only concern is the potentionmeters of the ADA are to rough, it is sometimes difficult to get identical gain on different channels, which could be annoying sometimes.


the smartmix looks quite promising and to a reasonable price, but yes for me as well like i usually write automation with a daw controller, i m not sure how useful it would be for my applications. also i would have to decide between knobs and transport control, but would like to have both on one box maybe… so the seek for an alternative to the bcf , that is not a mackie mcu is not finished yet?!

No no, I’m looking for DAW controller just like the BCF2000 with a bit more quality that is Ardour compatible as well (I know about the BCF2000 compatibility after reading a lot a forum posts here) and that is not Behringer, I don’t mind paying more (well, not more than $600)…

Alternative in what way? The BCF is generally considered an alternative to the Mackie Control surfaces… are you looking for something even cheaper? In that case probably not.


something like the euphonix MC MIX. I found this thread about it:

but it refers to Mixbus/MACOSX. Seablade, you helped there, do you think it’s going to work on Ardour/Linux?

@ paul

Thanks for the answer, the post I read was I bit old but it was worth asking :slight_smile:

@seablade & dhjoe

Thanks guys, I was fearing that, 'cause I know how Behringer can be not the best to depend on, but sometimes they even make good stuff, and I thought this could have been the case… but it’s not!

Off topic, but don’t want to open another post just to ask this: is there an alternative to the BFC2000 to work with linux Ardour?

@vervelover, for what it’s worth, I have the RMEquadmic and also the Behringer
and use them with a Multiface1, If you can afford it go for something better
than the Behringer. The Behringer can be useful in not too demanding situations,
but to me the RME sounds much better.
And I have the impression that on the Behringer not all inputs sound the same,
well on the one I have.

@Paul yes but will it at all support Ardour development if they go through you? :wink:

@vervelover I would trust RME AD/DA to be more stable than Behringer’s. Their ADA has gotten good reccomendations I will admit, but with anything Behringer I would never depend on it not to break, and I would have to hear a side by side comparison to believe it is as good as the RME stuff I have heard.


@vervelover: i was a dealer. several years ago, RME changed their pricing structure and you can now buy their gear cheaper from (some of) their “A” dealers than they will sell them to me! No point going through me - it will be faster and more convenient elsewhere.

No it won’t. The Euphonix uses a proprietary protocol to communicate with the computer via ethernet. And that is not likely to be supported on Linux anytime soon sadly.

There isn’t much in the $600 range I could suggest sorry, unless you can get a good price on a second hand Mackie surface, but even then I am not sure I would consider them high quality persay, just likely better than the BCF.

Beyond that you are looking at generic MIDI for control, then there are more options, though the protocol is less flexible in A2(A3 on the other hand has a much more flexible generic MIDI protocol support when that gets released.)


Erdie wrote:
Multiface II + 2x RME Quadmic + Beringer AD8000 connected to ADAT. Everything works fine. I can say the sound differences between the Quadmics and ADA are marginal, nothing to worry about.

I own a ADA8000 for a few months now and I’m quite satisfied with it’s sound when using it as an AD/DA converter.

But as a mic pre I find it only acceptable as long as you can keep the gain quite low. When having to crank the gain (for example when recording quiet sources and/or using low output dynamic microphones) the sound quality degrades considerably (compared to some other preamps we have in our rehersal room - those of an old Ramsa mixing desk, a DBX 286, ART Tube MP project series).

Also with some of my close drum mics it’s really close to the limit - I think with the gain fully down I had only about 5-6 dB headroom left. An additional pad would be nice for that purpose.

Alan are these flying faders or standard non-motorized faders?


this really looks good! does this also work with ardour? maybe with that i could avoid buying earplugs cause of my bcf s motorfaders making so much noise :wink:

I found this:


Uh I wouldn’t buy Behringer if you are trying to impress people, sorry.


@ seablade

Thanks for your help! I think I’ll go for the BFC2000 then, even if it breaks it’s so cheap I can buy another, and it won’t affect the sound quality after all. I looks like it’s the only affordable DAW controller available for linux ardour users, innit?

I don’t really need a generic MIDI control, I’m only looking for a rather cheap DAW controller 'cause my new studio has a mixerless setup, but people don’t realize that quality is not about how big your mixer is, and want the “eyecandy” too. I hope the motorized faders of the Behringer will be enough to convince them :slight_smile: