A few questions

  1. How to move (sort) the tracks (and mixer channels)?

I create few tracks. These tracks found in the mixer too. How can I sort this tracks?

  1. How to rename effects in the mixer channel?

I put some of the same effects. For example reverbs. Each reverb has different settings (room, hall, tunnel). I turn on and off bypass for target reverb through automation. No, I dont want automate many settings for one reverb. I want one bypass automation for each reverb. In older versions of Ardour, I can rename effects in insert stack. Why in version 5.3 “Rename” context menu item is not active?

re: 1.) simply drag and drop the strips in Tracks and Buses in the pull-out on the right of the editor window or the Show strips or group section in the pull-out from the left of the mixer.

re 2.) can’t answer. I see that it is grayed out in 5.3 but never had a need for it.

Reference Manual - reordering tracks section.

  1. Yes, thanks, and more I found manual for it.

  2. never had a need for it? You will be able to guess: this automation http://s12.postimg.org/z73e4g1l9/automation.png to which of the four reverbs http://s12.postimg.org/jznek39ql/inserts.png

Most engineers will put their reverb and other effects on dedicated aux busses to feed from their instrument tracks via aux sends. This gives you more flexibility and the option to name the busses accordingly. That might be the reason few people complain about this missing feature and something for you to try out.

Many sends and many buses instead one insert block with bypasses? http://i2.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/003/617/okayguy.jpg

4 reverbs on 1 track ? This is an extremely unconventional way of working, and so it isn’t surprising that Ardour isn’t supporting it particularly well.

@Deep you will find very usefull the FX busses feeded by aux. sends, have a try & you’ll be convinced :wink:

@stratojaune I bit misunderstand, can you explain your answer?

@paul this is not a track. This is group bus (20-30 connected tracks). And at a time (you can see my automation above) may work only one effect.

@paul I try explain my environment (this difficult for me, bad english)

This is my first project on film dubbing.

The film has many persons. Each person (clear voice) record in separate track. The dialogues between the persons are in different places: outdoor, room, basement, sewers, car… Many persons move from one place to another. Happens one person has visited all of places. And happens one person has visited 2-3 places only.

Different places is very much (not four as in the screenshot), for example: small room 1, small room 2, small room 3, small room 4, etc.

If create for each of types of places separate bus and insert effect – this much increase the load CPU and GPU. Interface much lag, at least due to the fact that it is necessary to update the decibels on the screen.

Hiding for buses are not comfortable in mixer. To adjust the effect must show bus and then click on effect. But if I need adjust 2-3 effects immediately?

By the way. For sends renaming works fine.

That’s why I’d like to be able to rename effects. As in earlier versions of Ardour such a possibility. But I not sure it worked fine.

@Deep what I have said is that the advice provided by mortenulysses is good!
I understand what you are trying to do now, to ease the CPU load, you have the ability to automate the FX on/off IIRC. Maybe somebody can confirm that?
By the way, what is your native language? You may have luck here…

@stratojaune I known this way (mortenulysses advice).Ths way works fine for music. Because music require one “virtual place” for all tracks. But movie have many places with different properties. This must be have much more routes for mixing.

If we look more down… We have two types of effects: serial (send-return) and parallel. Parallel effects always have dry and wet levels for output.

In the “right” case I must create “wet” buses and then insert effects (one effect for one bus). This require adjust this effects with disable dry output. Because dry output have as output fader of any track. See – this is duplications of routes.

I known you say – “right” case is flexible and more and more… Yes. But I make same origin routes. Just without duplications. For ease the CPU load. And for comfortable (one stack of effects). Missing only one – rename effects.

My native language – Russian. What luck for me? ))

@Deep Thanks for the clarification, I didn’t know you were speaking of film sound and I just proposed the conventional way of dealing with reverb in music – since that’s what I am doing with Ardour respectively Mixbus.

I have no background in film but thinking about it, I would probably create separate tracks for actors in different scenes and send the audio to appropriate aux busses (small room, large room etc.) to stay organized. Too many automation parameters tend to confuse me and I’d rather deal with a few more tracks and busses, but that might just be the way my brain operates. Interesting discussion anyway!

@mortenulyssesfor for any cases we must create separate routes for stay organized. But for my case – see my comment above your last comment.

@mortenulysses I have separated tracks for actors and this tracks connect to “Voices” group bus. And in this bus I want use named effects instead named sends for named “wet” buses. ))

@Deep, no luck here with your native language, but maybe 2 lucks next day?!!
How many different reverbs are you intend to use? Are they just differents settings of Calf (that can be automate)? If so, you just have to have 2 REV busses feeded by your VOICES bus aux. sends (to preserve tails), and you automate their values…
As said before, interesting discussion anyway :wink:

@stratojaune Yes, this is different settings of Calf. How many? Approximate: 4 small soft rooms (home’s) + 3 small metal/stone rooms (police office, cage) + 3 middle soft rooms (home’s) + 3 middle metal/stone rooms (home, jail) + 1 big stone hall (paint gallery) + 2 car + 1 airbus = 17 places. But this is not all )) For many places temporary (with automations too) must be enabled equalizers (phone, tv, behind the door, under water, etc.). No, I presume automate values for two reverbs (understand as even/odd “swith”) is very difficult – many intricate automations. But enable/disable bypass for adjusted effect is easy and explainable.

@paul Can I ask you to add a task about the naming of the effects in the TODO list for new Ardour versions?

Feature requests go to tracker.ardour.org which unfortunately at present requires a separate login from the main site (we will be working on this soon).