2.0 released for OS X and Linux

It appears that many visitors are finding this page via search engines and out-of-date links on "software collection" websites. It has been edited to get you more quickly to the CURRENT version of Ardour.

The developers of Ardour are happy to announce the release of version 2.0. As usual, downloads are available here.

Nearly 2 years of work have gone into this new version. Along the way a huge number of bugs were fixed, performance and workflow were improved, and many new features were added. Highlights of version 2.0 compared to the last stable release (0.99) include:

  • new user interface featuring:
    • more accessible menus
    • improved overall GUI design
    • instant accelerator key rebinding direct from menus
  • destructive recording ("dubbing") capabilities (as used by the new Harrison Xdubber)
  • undo/redo across program startup/shutdown
  • redesigned and more stable support for VST
  • support for 24 bit integer native files in addition to 32 bit float as in 0.99
  • modular support for hardware control surfaces, including the Frontier Designs Tranzport and Mackie Control Protocol devices

In addition there are literally hundreds of minor fixes and smaller features that have accumulated during the work on 2.0. This new version is fully backward-compatible with older releases of Ardour, and can be installed in parallel with them. Please note that older versions cannot load sessions saved by Ardour 2.0.

With the release of 2.0, the project's development will accelerate as it returns to focusing on major features and workflow. We also look forward to the results of this summer's Google Summer of Code projects involving MIDI editing and surround panning. We expect to release version 2.1 within a few months, containing new features that have been under development but were not merged into this release.

Ardour is available for free download from the ardour.org website. We encourage users to support the development of the software through subscriptions and donations. The software itself is available free of charge.


Ardour capabilities include: multichannel recording, non-destructive editing with unlimited undo/redo, full automation support, a powerful mixer, unlimited tracks/busses/plugins, `persistent undo', multi-language support, destructive track punching modes, timecode synchronization, and hardware control from surfaces like the Mackie Control Universal. The program has a completely flexible "anything to anywhere" routing system, and will allow as many physical I/O ports as your system allows. Ardour supports a wide range of audio-for-video features such as video-synced playback and pullup/pulldown sample rates.

Started in 2000 by one of the founding programmers at Amazon.com, Ardour is developed by a worldwide group of programmers with testing and feedback from a widely distributed network of musicians and audio engineers. Running on Linux and OS X, it strives to meet the needs of professional users. Ardour has received commercial sponsorship from major console manufacturers, Google and others. Many of Ardour's developers have also participated in the development of JACK, the de facto standard for inter-application audio routing on OS X and Linux.

Ardour is released under the GNU Public License (GPL), providing its users the ability to freely modify, redistribute and learn.

Happy tidings!

Thanks to the developers for a wonderful DAW program. This is a great milestone, congratulations!

Amazing news, I’m glad to see 2.0 finally released. And with MIDI support still to look forward to… this is simply an amazing time to be auser of Ardour.

Thanks, this is really some great news!
Now it’s time to start recording!

Holy sh…
Here we are, only 5 days after RC2

This is a great milestone, not only for ardour, but also for the Linux audio community!

Congratulations guys!

That’s pretty amazing!!

Could you please also release an 10.3.9 Version for Mac OS X?



For some reason 2.0 does not build for me whereas rc1 and rc2 were fine. The cairo version requirement seems to have gone up from 1.0 (?) to 1.2.4 after rc2. I’ve got 1.0.x What’s the reason for this?

Anyway - I’ve beem waiting for this for the past 2 years! Great job guys!

Great stuff!
My congratulations to all involved!

Excellent! My congratulations — you’ve really done it :slight_smile:

on the expanded download page where it describes SVN, it says:

Once you have subversion installed, you can checkout the source code to Ardour with this command:

svn co http://subversion.ardour.org/svn/ardour2/trunk

Note this will fetch the current development tree. This may not match the current stable release version of Ardour. As of April 30th, the stable tree can be fetched from SVN using:

svn co http://subversion.ardour.org/svn/ardour2/branches/2.0.1

which i believe describes your issue. Trunk from SVN no longer corresponds to the 2.0 release.

Thanks to the developers for a wonderful job done!

Ardour is a real example of professional DAW.

Congratulations guys!


Thanks Paul - it was exactly that. I’ve just been lazy and always checked out trunk and built from there - it’s worked perfectly until today. :slight_smile: Perhaps reading what you guys write in the manuals at least a few times a year would be healthy.

Now being fully equipped with Ardour 2.0 and bunch of other great applications I only wonder what is my next excuse for not creating a killer album on my own. :slight_smile:

That’s a great release!

Thanks and congratulations to all the developers!

Great news! I’ve already tried it out, and it’s a pleasure to use! The new GTK-2 interface is smooth as butter!

I look forward to making projects with it, telling people about it, and updating my tutorial for 2.0

Well done!


I’m hoping to try out the new Ardour 2.0 release sometime in the future. Hopefully it will be more usable than the previous versions. Unfortunately it is for Linux and Mac OS X only, and I don’t use Linux much anymore, since I migrated my system to Windows XP. I used to love Linux, and I still do for programming and such, but getting the sound recording to work satisfactory is just too much of a hassle even for a experienced Linux user like myself. Then there is the problem that almost all plug-ins are made for Windows only, and there are no equivalents made for the Linux platform.

Ardour is such a great program! And finally here’s ver.2!
I’m looking forward to MIDI-Recording though, but this release totally rocks!

holy poo i’m pumped. the stable release of ardour 2.0 is motivation enough for me to ditch windows for good. anyone building .deb’s yet? :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for all your hard work! I hope myself as well as everybody else can enjoy this long-awaited release and many more to come!