10th anniversary, part one

Congratulations and a big thank you for your work and effort in the last 10 years.

BTW clicking on the screenshot didn’t work for me (Ubuntu 9.10 with firefox)

Thanks for doing all this. I really could not afford something like Abelton Live… with using Ardour I can spend my little money on other stuff. Instruments and so forth. Happy Christmas Paul!


I’m slowly moving over from Logic Pro to Ardour and I have to say I really enjoy working in Ardour. It just feels lighter and sounds great! Wish I had discovered it sooner and donated all the cash I spent on Logic to Ardour. Will be a supporter from here on out.

Thanks again for all your hard work and Happy Holidays!!!

Heh memories, though that screenshot even predates me and my life around here;)


Those v3 alpha’s will really be a cool xmas gift!:slight_smile:

Thnx for 10 years of effort!


merry xmas,
thanks for making a great program, ive been just getting my head around using ubuntustudio, ardour and hydrogen for almost a year, its been a fun journey so far, when i finally get a song done i will become a subscriber, thanks for making such a great program again.

todd (fedexnman)

I’m not sure I understand the relation to Ableton Live…have you done work on that too?


sounds like he was a little bit sarcastic about the parallel ardour vs AL.

@Paul: keep up with the project!! I wouldn’t do much without it. I read in the forum you were not really using it as a musician. How could you ? you are busy making the tool!! :smiley:

@iamdooser: there is no relation other than the temporal one. Ableton started at about the same time and I find it ironic/interesting to see how successful Gerhard and Robert have been compared to Ardour.

Well I prefer Ardour, so thanks :slight_smile:

I prefer Ardour as well, but then again, I preferred Linux to Windows before I ever used Ardour. Being the beautiful program that Ardour is I’m sure it would have surpassed most DAWs by now if it was offered on Windows (though I’ve read all the posts about why it’s not), especially given that the Mac version is so relatively new and so successful.

Anyway, keep up the great work Paul, and Happy Holidays!


What you have created for the open source community is in no way small compared to other similar software like Ableton Live. Keep up the good work.

Then think of what Ableton has done, and look if you can use their tricks to be more successful.
To me it looks like one problem was JACK, which looks far more stable ATM, but you lost some people on that maybe. No midi is a problem to. Cause why choose Ardour if another one has midi? This is gonna be solved soon of course.

People might not be aware enough about what you can do with Ardour, which is just amazing imho (credit to Paul for this). Maybe you should let other people do the things you’re not very good at, advertisement, ‘selling’ it to people, adjust a bit more to the needs of people, more compromises maybe (all though not to much please! :slight_smile: )

BTW I bet if you release the Mixbus video for free, it hits youtube and people can see it, then people get a nice picture of what is possible and how that is possible and Ardour/Mixbus can get really popular imo!

I can assure you I have had discussions about the mixbus video and ways it could be used advantageously;)

However that being said, the video is not owned(Copyright) by either Paul Davis, Ardour, or Harrison Consoles. The copyright is owned by the creator of the video, and is merely sold by Harrison Consoles. He would have to be the person to be convinced.


Advertisement is investment…

You could give the author of the video an certain amount of money, so you can release the video for free.
You give the author another job for the follow up videos which are not free.
People who already bought the video, can get the follow up video for free.

Again, it’s investment, but I bet you will gain more popularity and money in the end! Actually you might have missed the new media structure developments and the importance of channels like youtube if you don’t do it. That may be a part of the explanation then why Ardour/Mixbus is not popular (yet).

And it will be also advertisement for the video author…

Believe me, all of which and more are being considered and have been explicitly brought up before the video was even publicly announced;)

And I have a pretty good guess that anything involving the follow up videos being free won’t work as this is how the guy makes a living and you can get an idea of how he works by other videos for other software he has done.


@Seablade, ok. But I didn’t say he shouldn’t get money for video 1. Harrison should pay him to be able to release the video for free of course. The follow up videos doesn’t have to be free, cause I think video 1 gives an overview of Ardour/Mixbus which is good enough for potential customers.

happy bday!!

great software! this unique piece made me leave audiowin …wow three years ago :slight_smile:

keep on rocking

Congratulations Paul!

That screenshot is meaningful. By the way, I am curious. What did come first in your mind, jack or ardour?

Praises to you, and thank you very much!