Zynaddsubfx not working on Ardour?

Foreword: I am a noob.

I have placed the classic VST version of Zyn in the VST folder of Ardour, and still after scanning for plugins Ardour still does not detect Zynaddsubfx in its ‘Instruments’ list.

Even after I load in the plugin as a ‘normal VST’ under the mixer panel of Ardour, the plugin still does not produce any sound.

Is anyone here having the same problem? Because of this I am not able to use Zyn as a synthesizer at all as it produces no sound.

I really want to use Zyn as a great synth. Your help would be appreciated!

May be I could help in linux, but I guess your system is windows…

Damn… is there still a way?

Damn… What is your operation system? What folders of VST are you using? What do you mean “classic VST version of Zyn” - is that LinuxVST (.so) or WinVST (.dll)? What do you mean “normal VST”?

  1. Windows, chill. I’m using the 32-bit version of Ardour as well.
  2. What do you mean ‘folders of VST’? I’m just using a vst folder I created on my desktop to place my VST plugins in, if that’s what you are trying to say
  3. WinVST
  4. Excuse me. I was only able to load Zyn onto a midi track by double-clicking the track on the mixer panel and selecting Zyn from the list of plugins that showed up. Basically Zyn was not recognised by Ardour as an instrument, so I could not load Zyn by creating a MIDI track and then selecting Zyn from the list of instruments because it wasn’t there.

Am I still unclear XD

It would not surprise me if you are the first person to ever try using a Windows VST version of Zyn with Ardour. The program/plugin originated on Linux, and that’s where most of it’s users still are. Sound to be as if there’s an error/mistake in the VST “packaging” of Zyn that causes Ardour to conclude that it is not an instrument. This does not happen with the LV2 version of the plugin on Linux.

that happens to me with some instruments sometimes.
You just have to do the following:
1 - create a new midi track with whatever instrument
2 - go to mixer and add the Zyn synth on that track replacing the original vst
3 - open Zyn
4 - click pinout to open the same panel where you do your sidechain etc
5 - click manual config
6 - add na audio output (and make sure you have a midi output, if not, add it)
7 - connect the input signals to output

And thats it really, it Works for me