ZynAddSubFX instrument random velocity changes

Hi all, I have a question about the behaviour some ZynAddSubFX instruments. Some of them seem to have strong velocity randomization, and I’m having a very hard time turning it off.

Right now I’m mostly wrestling with “Synth Brazz 2” of ZynAddSubFX LV2 version 3.0.05 (listen e.g. to this sample).

Two “solutions” that I have been working with so far are 1) adding a strong compressor or 2) make the instrument mono.

Both solutions, however, also take the space and the dynamism out of the instrument.

Since I have had similar issues with other plugins/instruments, I was just wondering if any of you has experienced the same, and maybe found alternative general (or instrument-specific?) solutions.

That sounds suspicious to me. You’re sure you don’t have some phase cancellation issues in your routing or even in your wiring? Like a self soldered audio cable where you’ve swapped hot/cold signals? Sounds unllikely but I’ve seen it happen (dont ask who did the soldering)…

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Haven’t started soldering my own audiocables yet. :slight_smile: I’m using a fairly simple set-up. I’m not even playing the instrument with an external keyboard or anything. I’m just drawing the notes directly into the midi track.

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