Zynaddsubfx as a plugin?


Anyone know how to make Zynaddsubfx work as a plugin to Ardour 5?

I can use it using Catia et al, as an external instrument, but it would be nice to be able to select it from the plugins menu.

I don’t mind a bit of compiling and general unixy stuff, - any ideas?



http://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.net/ – zyn-fusion is available as LV2 and VST plugin

Its sibling Yoshimi also has a LV2 plugin.


It is also available in the KXStudio repositories as an LV2 and as an internal plugin in falkTX’s ‘Carla’ plugin host. To use it in Carla you would need to add the ‘Carla-Rack’ LV2 or VST to a MIDI track and then load the internal ZynAddSubFX to the Rack.

Thanks for all your responses, I’ve just spent my $55 on zyn-fusion :slight_smile:

All just for that magical trance sound mainly, and it seems to work just fine without going through the dependency hell which an earlier, free, version wanted me to go through.