I’ve made a midi-learn file for ZynAddSubFX which has an extension


File is called


and can be downloaded here:


This file contains CC map to automate Amplitude Envelope, Filter Parameters and Filter Envelope for 4 ADsynths.

In Ardour I’ve opened all the 127 CC tracks and drawn automation curves.

I found names of every parameter through the learning an automation like some man did in this video:

After the learning I’ve saved the midi-learn files and found inside of them all the necessary names. All the lines of parameters I’ve packed in to one result file “ADsynths_1_2_3_4.xlz”

(When you save a session - Ardour doesn’t save midi-learning state of ZynAddSubFX, so you need to load the file every time you reopen a session.)

It’s just an experiment. If somebody is interested in - any advises&improvements are welcome//

The files are finished:


zx-ads1-voices-1-5.midnam - put it to the folder: “/home/USERNAME/.config/ardour5/patchfiles/zx-ads1-voices-1-5.midnam” (if doesnt exists - create)
zx_ads1_voices_1_5_fm.xlz - put it in to any folder

After starting Ardour - choose the “zx-cc-automation>ads1-voices-1-5” to make available all the controls.
After loading ZynAddSubFX in to the track - go “File>Load Midi Learn…” and find the file “zx_ads1_voices_1_5_fm.xlz” in the folder, where it’s copied.

Now you’re ready to automate:

  1. ADsynth 1 - all the parameters, except FREQUENCY - CC217 -CC256;
    2)Voice 1 from ADsynth 1 (Mod.AMPLITUDE, FILTER & AMPLITUDE) - CC1 -CC44;
    3)Voice 2 from ADsynth 1 (Mod.AMPLITUDE, FILTER & AMPLITUDE) - CC45-CC87;
    4)Voice 3 from ADsynth 1 (Mod.AMPLITUDE, FILTER & AMPLITUDE) - CC88 -CC130;
    5)Voice 4 from ADsynth 1 (Mod.AMPLITUDE, FILTER & AMPLITUDE) - CC131 -CC173;
    6)Voice 5 from ADsynth 1 (Mod.AMPLITUDE, FILTER & AMPLITUDE) - CC174-CC216.