Zyn Volume setting

Hi all,

in some MIDI tracks, with the ZynAddSubFX plugin (LV2), I raise the volume like this:


When I close and reopen the project, I find the volume turned down as by default, like this:


I tried inserting the “MIDI Event Filter” plugin with “Block Program Changes”, like this:


but it has no effect.

In a multitrack project this can be a problem, because every time I reopen it I have to set the volumes again…
[Ardour 7.4 on Linux]


Just guessing: is the ZynAddSubFX plugin set up with “MIDI learn” such that the volume is mapped to a controller (e.g. the mod wheel or expression pedal on your keyboard / controller)? If so, then it might be jumping to whatever the current state is on the mapped controller,

No, “LEARN” in Zyn is not selected.
I would add that quite a few times the “instrument” (Bass, Piano, etc.) I had chosen in Zyn is also changed, replacing it with the basic default one.
All this even with “Restore Patch” deselected and with “MIDI Event Filter”+“Block Program Changes” active.
But it seems I’m the only one with this problem.

I get you, man. It’s a bummer. I’ve had it happen with ZynAddSubFX, too. While we’re at it, the plugin state of another oft-used plugin, sfizz, tends to do the same, i.e. go in limbo/oblivion. If a virt instrument has tuning in sfizz, I don’t bother to set it until mixdown :smiley: Peace.

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