i’m getting the hang of everything, but one thing i cant get, when zooming in to delete some track etc, i have no idea how to zoom out to see all the other tracks, it only zooms out on the track selected, heeellpp please thank you

Hmm I think I might be misunderstanding what you mean by zooming… can you describe what you are doing to ‘zoom’ in?

Also in case you haven’t already seen it…


yep have had a read through that thanks, by zooming I mean in the view tab, zoom in to region (which i’ve selected) because there is some talking in the vocal track that needs deleting, once there i can’t seem to get back to view all the tracks again, only to zoom out of the specific track i was editing


I assume you meant you were doing Zoom to Region W+H, in which case…

View>Zoom>Toggle Zoom State (Shift+Z)