Zoom to region's automation?

Let’s say there is an audio region and automation lane with some automation points beneath it. Is there a way to quickly zoom to this automation ‘region’? Keyboard shortcut? Click action?

So it seems that adjusting the height of this automation ‘region’ by dragging it with mouse is the only way to zoom in, right?

For automation lanes I believe this may be true, but you can try right clicking on the track header (On the left hand side, under where the track title would be etc.) and see if a height sub-menu is there to let you select some ‘standard’ sizes. And while I don’t think it would work, you can try selecting the track and pressing ‘F’ to fill the screen with the currently selected tracks and see if it affects the automation lane size (I don’t think it will but could be wrong).

Thank you for answer Seablade.
Selecting both main track and automation lane (ctrl+left click) and pressing “F” affects both. So this is nice.
But I noticed that I cannot select automation lanes related to panning (L/R, width). Every other automation lane (faders, plugins stuff) are selectable, but pan lanes are not. Is this a bug of some sort?

The other thing is, automation lanes have this cool “shadow” of the regions of the track they belong to. It would be really nice, if one could select this “shadow” region and just hit ‘zoom to selection’.
But I guess it’s the feature request now :grinning:

Anyways as a work around one can:

  • Select particular region
  • hit ‘zoom to selection’
  • select desired automation lane (doesn’t work for pan lanes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
  • hit Z or F

Unfortunately visual undo doesn’t appear to affect automation lanes (:worried:) so it have to be rolled back by dragging the mouse (or maybe there is another way?)

Don’t have time to duplicate myself right now but if this is the case, yes it sounds like a bug.

Yep feature request, won’t hurt to check Mantis to see if it already exists or to submit it.

Maybe another bug/feature request, again I just don’t have time and ability to reproduce right now sorry, kinda working a lot of gigs at the moment and am not home much.


Ok, it’s cool. Thank you for answer anyway. I’ll try to investigate further before submitting these.

Can anyone reading this confirm that you can or cannot select pan automation lane by left clicking it in 5.12?