zoom-key edits

is there any way of editing the zoom keys in ardour2 like in ardour0.99 ? the file was “ardour.rc”, but the ardour2 “ardour.rc” file does not have the key functions listed in it.
unless i compiled ardour2 incorrectly, somehow missing this option-?

ardour.bindings is the file you want. however, all keys can be rebound directly from the GUI by finding the item in a menu, “selecting it” by moving the mouse over it, and then pressing the new keybinding you want to use. in this case, you want View->Zoom (in|out)

thanx much for the tip and quick reply!
wish i knew it was that easy ;] -nice feature

Sorry for replying to an ancient post, but I just had to say that I’ve been using Ardour (from time to time, not heavily) for several years now, and never knew about this very nice feature. I guess I wasn’t lucky with the various Google searches for it – until just now. :slight_smile: Maybe I should have seen it in one of the Ardour manuals.

Anyway, this works great for standard menu items, but it doesn’t seem to work for context (right-click) menus. (I tried it in both a2 and a3.) Is that by design, since some/many of the items in context menus need, well, a context?

Also, is it possible to globally map a modifier key - for example Alt - to something else, as opposed to having to change each of the bindings that use it? The reason I ask is that I often run Ardour in a VNC session, and Alt does not seem to get through the viewer. Even in “native” sessions (I’ve tried KDE and XFCE most recently) it appears that Alt sequences are often grabbed by the window manager and not passed to apps.