Zoom horizontally limited?

If I zoom in horizontally I can’t get really “deep” into the wave. Between the nearest sample grid markers are still more than ~ 300 samples. Can’t believe this is the maximum.

The max zoom level is 1 pixel per sample.

Oh, why is that? You can not align waveforms properly.

There is nothing “in between” the samples. It is not a connect the dots game.
If you could zoom in further there would just be blank space (no value at all).

Why do you need to get this close and investigate individual samples?
There might be a better approach to reach your actual goal.

In the above screenshot, which depicts the maximum horizontal in-zoomed-ness, it looks as if there’d be plenty of “stuff” between the shown 300 or so samples. How can I sync the above waves, with this zoom in? It’s just not possible.

Can you switch the clock to show “samples” (right click on the clock-display top middle)?

Then moving the playhead should at least indicate if you’re at the max zoom level.

Also the smaller nudge-clock (currently show 5 seconds) can be set to samples and then you could move regions by 1 sample…

I’d probably use sync-points (perhaps based on transients) and snap them.

Select a region, then ctrl+right-arrow to move to the next transient. then press v to add a sync-point to the region. Do the same for the other region using the corresponding transient, and then use snap.

You may have to enable Preferences > Editor > Snap > … to region sync points

See also The Ardour Manual “Syncing Regions to the Grid”.


Looks may be deceiving. Your screenshot shows 1 sample per pixel. 306 samples in total between the two grid points at 192193 until 192496, which are just under 7ms apart.



Thanks for your answer. But this seems a pretty coplicated maneuvre when I just could move it per hand and eye, if ardour only let me zoom in a bit deeper.

You might be right, but still it would be great if i could zoom in a bit more. Just as I can in Audacity or Reaper or… The current zoom limitation makes syncing two wave-files a vague and/or complicated operation.

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