Zoom a region - how to zoom out again?

Hello, in the G mode i can open a midi region with Z to open in the full height of the screen.
How to bring best the region back to zoom out that the region is as big as the normal height of the track?

Edit: I found it out: Shift+Z bring it back to normal height.

shift+z does something like undo zoom
this is useful

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A very good vid which explains everything about zooming one has to know.
I hope I remember all these informations :slight_smile:

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remembering main shortcuts like z or shift+z, f (to fit track) is enough for me :slight_smile: at least for now

Fantastic video.

The only what is not working on my Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon - German key layout - is Shift ++ and Shift+Alt++ to zoom the height in the tracks bars.

Maybe becaus shift++ brings the * on the normal key - with the num block either no function.

Is normal working with Shift and normal keys or with the + on the numlock?

I didn’t find it in the keycommand window to adjust anything…

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