zed r16

Hi, I am new to Ardour but very interested into going linux. I am used to wok with Osx but they are just to expensive.
My idea was to go linux, but there is however a problem (off course)
I have an ZED-r16 allen & heath mixer and they seem not to have drivers for linux… is there any way to use the mixer with linux (dual booth??) or do i have to bankrupt myself with a mac?

Dang Paul posting quickly:)


hi there,

I don’t want to confuse matters but from a quick look at the ZED-R16 mixer board, it looks to me that it is a standalone device that you can redirect to another soundcard. So if you have e.g. an RME HDSP system (some are fully supported by linux-ALSA), you can always connect both. Or am I misleading ?

“details” at http://www.allen-heath.co.uk/zed/zed-R16.asp

@jeanjoret: a different audio interface would be a LOT cheaper than a mac. Its possible that FFADO supports the zed r-16, and it won’t cost you anything except time to figure that out. No companies provide linux drivers - the issue is whether linux has drivers that can support the device. If the zed r-16 is a generic bebob or dice-II firewire audio device, then there is a reasonable chance that FFADO will work. http://ffado.org/

From the manual: “The FireWire controller we use in ZED-R16 is the DICE Jr from TC Applied Technologies…” So it might be possible that it works with ffado.

In case it doesn’t, it seems the ADAT I/O work in parallel to the firewire I/O, so a HDSP from RME (as Thorgal allready stated) would be a fine solution to connect it under Linux.

Hmm I didn’t even realize it had ADAT I/O as well, interesting. Makes me wish that much more it had flying faders, but maybe it could be used as a live control surface if using Ardour to mix live.


It can be, but it also has a built in Firewire port for connecting to a computer and providing two way audio between the console and the computer that way.


Your best bet is to check with the FFDAO folks. Don’t hold your breath though sadly.