YouTube playlist covering clip launching (from Harrison Consoles)

Our friends at Harrison put together a series of short videos in the run-up to the release of Mixbus 8 covering many different aspects of clip launching. I’ve put them all into a YouTube playlist on the Ardour YT channel to make it easy to find and watch them all.

If you don’t understand the concept, or want some guidance about all the nuances, these videos are excellent. Although Ardour and Mixbus are different DAWs, they share the majority of the code, and clip launching is identical in them both (except the as of right now, Ardour offers 16 slots per track vs 8 in Mixbus.



Good day,

Thanks for the hint. It works great. But, how do I delete all CUE markers at once?

Right-click, Clear All Cues

Right click clear all cues

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