Your recommendation for SSD drive

WD blue or green
Samsung evo 870
crucial bx500
pny cs900
lexar ns100

I want to buy wd blue ssd but what your experience say ??

Personally I would go with either Samsung or Intel myself, but I haven’t really looked into it in a while. Used to be those were the only ones that wouldn’t suffer extreme slowdowns once data was written to all sectors at least once. No idea if that is the case now, would hope not, but I have had good luck with them so I would be sticking to them for my own purposes.


Please understand, for the most part, when an SSD is recommended, it is an NVMe drive, not an SATA drive. NVMe is more like a card, and plugs right into your board. Yes, an SATA SSD is a nice improvement over a spinning disk, but it’s not the jump that you get with NVMe.

I got one of these, and it’s ridiculous (in a good way): Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe® M.2 SSD

So if you have a connector for this on your board, get one of these. Otherwise, for SATA drives, I’ve probably had most of those over the years, and never had anything fail on me.


I would argue this a bit (Semantics really). The jump from ANY spinning disk to SSD is really sizeable. Just in terms of seek performance etc. Maybe not specific throughput, but the lack of seek times etc makes a huge difference on performance on a machine and will be incredibly noticeable. You certainly don’t have the throughput of the NVMe, but to be honest in audio most of the time you don’t need THAT much throughput. Video on the other hand is an entirely different question.

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I agree, SSD is a big leap on it’s own but having recently added 2 NVMe’s to my so-called development Desktop and managing big VM’s and Video Editing projects the instantly visible speed leap from a 2TB WD Blue SSD to the NVMe drive kinda blew my mind…

*Note don’t go cheap on the NVMe coolers… those little spuds really heat up!

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i choose WD blue 3d NAND after watch this video
QLC vs TLC | Explained - YouTube

and also i am linux user and samsumg EVO not work well in here

and also

For the record, apparently that was specific Samsung 800 series ATA drives (Not NVMe as others have recommended here):

Does still seem to be current for those drives, though I never ran into issues personally.

Worth noting though that it seems recently my recommendation for Samsung would take a nasty turn in any OS… So I suppose makes sense to avoid for now. A shame.


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