You can't tell the kids

No, you can’t tell the kids not to party.

Should I mention technical stuff?

  • Recorded with no metronome, for that “organic” feel.
  • Acoustic guitar double tracked, different mikes in different positions, panned 100% left and right.
  • Bass played through sfizz on a keyboard.
  • Drums (AVL Black Pearl) drawn without snap to grid on the piano roll, for more of that organic imprecision. In some places I recorded a bong cha cha drum pattern by ear on a keyboard to line the drums up with.
  • The heavenly choir is a mix of Zyn and Fluid synth.
  • Reverb is complicated and uses Dragonfly.

Yes, I know it’s late. I had a cold.


I really do love this song. Best lyrics I have heard for a long time. Might transcribe it and add it to my repertoire.

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Well done ! Very pleasant to listen to :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing !

If I can make a suggestion, maybe less complicated reverb next time ? :wink: I wouldn’t mind the voice being a little more in front.

Nice Job! Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Suggestions always welcome, thank-you. And less complication is always a good idea…

… and I like it better with the voice a little more in front, too.

It has a Billy Bragg-vibe to it. I like it a lot, and wouldn’t be surprised if it blew up.