Yet another video track

Another little video made with Ardour and Kdenlive:

The audio was captured from a Soundcraft Impact console using a Tascam DR70D recorder. I simply recorded the stereo mix.

In Ardour, I applied a little x42 EQ, Harrison DeEsser, Harrison Multiband Compressor, added a bit of Harrison GVerb+ reverb and finally used the Calf Limiter plugin. I also did the live mix on the Soundcraft Impact.

The video was captured using an inexpensive Panasonic V777 camcorder. In Kdenlive, I put together video and audio. The DR70D fed the V777 with the recorded audio signal, too, so I could align the audio more easily.

Of course, this video is not an example for complicated audio production, but it shows that you can achive nice results with inexpensive stuff.

However, I recently obtained a Lightworks licenseā€¦ Kdenlive has good features and great handling but it is not stable enough and it cannot really deal with fullHD AVCHD that well.

Ardour, in contrast, did a very good job on this, great workflow, rock solid.