Yamaha AW16G midi remote in ardour

Is it possible for an AW16G to control the volume faders in ardour using Midi Remote, thank you


If the AW 16G can send it’s volume fader positions then yes…

If it is motorised and it can receive them you should also be able to see your fader’s move too (although currently in 3.0 SVN I can’t do this anymore and have reported a bug but 2.7.1 should be fine)

I did mmc control of faders with a couple aw4416 units some years back.

Why eliminate a useful gain stage?

It doesn’t solve any problem to bind Ardour mixer strips to the strips of a mixing console. It makes sense to bind the strips of a control surface because they have no audio and dsp routes.

If Ardour mixer strip #1 has automation and the relative input at the AW16G is not bound by MMC there are two useful gain stages. Imagine programming 30 mix moves into a snare drum track. Later on, it’s determined the snare needs to be 3db louder. Maybe you can grab the entire automation line and move it up 3db but you probably wouldn’t want the valleys to go up by 3db, PITA. If snare track isn’t bound to the mixing consol, adjust the return track flader by +3b and your done.

If you want automation at the return, you could have it there too by using MTC. I’m not sure when that would be useful but it’s doable–maybe you have a post fader send…

Anyway, just food for thought.