Xruns with ardourvst

I just compiled Ardour 2.02 with VST support, and xruns run rampant as soon as Ardour starts. Ardour2 without VST support ran fine.

It starts without any problems, but the xruns are staggering.
I have no plugins installed, so I’m just trying to figure out what causes this load on Jack.

Any ideas?

Can you post the messages jack gives (“messages” -tab in QjackCtl)?

I had the same problem just the other day, and noticed that some KDE application tried to launch artsd at the same time - even though I use XFCE4. Killed the app, and no problemos.

Very odd, the problems have disappeared, for the moment.

Previously they streamed continuously, but now I’m not getting a single xrun.

I wonder…

Maybe you were running jack with different parameters by mistake. Maybe omitting the -R flag for realtime priorities?

Hey sampo, you always reply in my threads! ThankS

I just use qjackctl to start Jack usually, but I have realtime enabled.

I didn’t change anything but I wonder if this is related to that bug where ardourvst will keep crashing on you for a while, and then magically stop happening:

"It crashes!

You may find that ardourvst crashes when started up if you have VST plugins already installed. This is sometimes caused by issues doing an initial assessment of each plugin. Try running it several times, and it may miraculously stop having issues. We suspect this is because of various plugins inadvertently interfering with each other during the initial “identify and index plugins” step. If in doubt, you can check the vst plugin directory whether new .fst files appear on each restart."


Only I didn’t have any plugins installed, just the SDK