Xruns errors continue....need help

I am running an i7 8core with 16gb of ram. I am having Xruns occur about every 25 seconds while recording. I just installed the latest Ubuntu Studio. Running the ALSA driver, set at 44.1 at 1024 frames with 2 buffer periods. 46msec latency. I have tried everything I can think of. RT is checked. This is an M-Audio Delta 44. It works flawlessly in Windows 10 using Audition. Any suggestions? Help is appreciated. I would really love to record my next album using Linux and Ardour.

What is the kernel ?

5.4.0-21-lowlatency the latest ubuntu studio

I solved the issue by installing the Nvidia driver rather than the XOrg driver. I just recorded multi-track for 100 seconds at 128frames and 2 buffers with no xruns. If anyone else has the problem…try this!

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