XRun markers to indicate its source?

Most threads I have read have focused only on how to avoid Jacks buffer xruns but I was confused when noticed sometimes that Ardour would have its Xrun counter higher than the on in lets say Catia or QJackCtrl. After further reading now it is clear to me that Ardour’s own buffer may also need to be fine tuned (increased in my case) to avoid XRuns. What I really like from Ardour so far is you can get location markers called “xrun” for these events but I was wondering:

Is it possible to configure Ardour to have different labels for different kind of xruns? It would be great to have a lable like “xrun-j” or “xrun-p” or “xrun-c” to better understand which is the problematic buffer (jack’s buffer, Ardour play buffer, Ardour capture buffer ) and spend less time trying to figure out where to start.

Are the other reasons that can cause Ardour to have xruns?

FYI I am using an old Sony VPCCA with Intel Core i5-2410M and 8 GiB RAM. I am using KXStudio 14.05 but I think it needs some optimization as CPU is around 5% + spikes when idle.

Yes, every non-realtime operation in Ardour (adding, removing plugins, creating tracks, adding i/o ports) blocks processing in Ardour only. The idea is to try to not interfere processing of other jack clients.

An x-run always affects both capture and playback. the X is a placeholder for “capture and playback”. If processing cannot keep up with real-time, the input buffer overflows and the output buffer underflows. You cannot separate these.