xrun madness

I still cant get rid of these xruns, Im running the rt kernel, real time is checked,F/P 512, sample rate 48000, period buffers 3, but I still get an xrun 33 seconds into the song. If I record dead air I don’t get any xruns, could it be that the input levels are to high? I am recording 5 tracks from a drum set. Man I really played around with jacks settings last night and I just couldn’t find a setting that would help with the xruns.

According to my point of views, when you try to record dead air you have the input levels a bit high than the original required level. So try to do so having a bit low level for your input and then see the result. I will be back right after taking my 640-822 exam then I will discuss this matter in details. thanks.

I also had a lot of problems with xruns but since I switched to kernel version 2.6.28 my system works perfect, nearly fantastic ! Even a running opengl based game in parallel does not generate any xruns. I would definaltly recommend to switch to kernel 2.6.28.

I guess you have conflicting irq settings.

Post the output of “cat /proc/interrupts”

my Delta 1010lt gives this line:
17: 105449572 106159558 IO-APIC-fasteoi ICE1712

meaning the card has irq 17 and it’s modlue (ICE1712) is not shared by another module

Have a look at this page:

Download realTimeConfigQuickScan.pl and run the script in a terminal:

chmod u+x realTimeConfigQuickScan.pl

Post the output.
I don’t think that all the suggested changes have to be applied to get low latency.


Sorry guys I’m retarded I found the jack button in ardour thanks for all your help.