XML and routing information: no sound in Ardour3 session with Ardour7

I converted a Reaper4 session to Ardour with AATranslator (I think it creates an Ardour3 file). When opened in Ardour7, all waveforms are visible, volume meter is running during playback, but I get no sound from my headphones.

I’m on Windows 10 & Ardour 7.5.0.
Audio System: PortAudio (default)
Audio Driver: MME
Input Device: Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
Output Device: Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output

When I create a new, empty Ardour7 session and import the same source file, then palyback works. So the audio devices configuration seems correct.

Digging further. Apparently, information on my audio devices isn’t included in the XML created by AATranslator. Lines like these (that are present in a regular Ardour7 sessions) are missing:

<EngineHints backend="PortAudio" input-device="Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input" output-device="Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output"/>

Same goes for XML tags with <ExtConnection for="PortAudio;MME;Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output"/>. Stuff related to routing seems to be incorrect.

All of this makes sense, since AATranslator creates its Ardour3 session based on my Reaper file (which includes routing information of its own).

I’m not a XML expert, though (nor a programmer :), so this will be tricky to sort out. I’ll probably look into the session files with a dedicated XML editor.

Suggestion: when Ardour opens an older-version session file (e.g Ardour3), it gets converted to Ardour7. Maybe it could also check the routing information and modify the relevant XML tags according to the system’s current settings?

Okay, case closed: I had configured AATranslator to convert my RPP to a Mixbus session instead (didn’t notice a checkbox). When converted to a regular Ardour file, everything works and I have sound.

Silly mistake, I apologize.

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