XColors Theme Issues?

On the subject of themes and customising colours in the preferences window. Is there a way to create a new theme by customising one of the stock ones?

Also @paul How did you get your piano roll to look like this?

Mine looks like this

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That’s the XColors theme.

Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Colors

The changes will be saved in $CONFIG/my-THEME-ardour-VERSION.colors and will be loaded on top of the THEME. That file is a complete theme, ready to be shared with others.


I have the xcolors theme enabled in my screenshot

Also is there a way to get rid of the bright red background when working within the MIDI region?


Check if changing the “editable region” in “transparency” tab works for you:

Makes no difference unfortunately - I already played around with these sliders :slight_smile:

Strange. Just switched to Xcolors theme and tweaking the “region alpha” and “editable transparency” settings works as expected. Maybe try to temporary remove your current configs and check if the behavior persists?

PS And I think a new topic may be needed to solve the mystery as it looks like a classic OT here. :slight_smile:

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Region alpha also hides the content of the region.

Can the mods split this to a separate topic?

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Nope… never. Can’t be done. Much to hasty… etc. etc.


And… done. :slight_smile:


Yes, it does when the slider is set max to the left.

Just played with the appearance settings a bit, but can’t replicate your problem with any combination. The “editable regions” always changes the transparency of the selected region even to the point that it is paler than the unselected one. Have you tried toggling the “Appearance->Editor->Region color follows track color” setting? It has any effect on the transparency of the selected region?

This is what it looks like in my case with the default settings of the Xcolors theme (with both selected an unselected MIDI region):

Ardour 8.1 from ardour.org on Debian/Bookworm with KDE.

Those settings make no difference for me. I’m on Debian Testing, Cinnamon.

Peek 2023-11-07 14-47

Package from the website or from a repo or otherwise?


One more thing. It is possible you are creating opaque regions by default? What happens when you toggle the “Region->Gain->Opaque” setting? It seems that the “editable region” doesn’t affect opaque regions at all. And they are more “reddish” indeed but still not so red like in your case.

From the website.

Aha, that made a difference! The editable region slider still doesn’t do anything though.

Yes, there is definitely something else going on. System wide gtk theme/color settings maybe?

BTW, if you don’t want the regions to be opaque by default you can uncheck the “Session->Properties->MIDI->Draw tool creates opaque MIDI regions” setting and make it default for all sessions (“Misc->Use these settings as defaults”).

Actually that setting wasn’t checked. But also I created the MIDI region by recording, not using the draw tool. It would be good if the setting also applied to recorded regions.

I’m using the Arc Dark GTK theme.

For recorded regions, the opacity is determined by the recording mode. If you use sound-on-sound, you should get non-opaque regions.

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Just change the record mode to “Snd on Snd” (from the toolbar) and recorded regions will not be opaque anymore.

PS Damn, it seems that Paul was first. Always second, just like in a real life. :slight_smile:

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