X42 tuna and other possibilities to convert guitar audio to midi

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I said:

It would be a dynamite plugin if it generated a midi note.
Robin said:
OT here, but it sends MTS (MIDI tuning) messages. MIDI note is not sufficient to describe the detected frequency.
Ok, I can see why that’s true, and the plugin needs to know how much variation is acceptable.
The “Polyphonic Audio to MIDI” script seldom works correctly for me. Most often, it doesn’t start parsing, or it doesn’t complete parsing.

Aah I see. Your interest is not to display or know the note/cent value but look for a audio to MIDI tool.

Early versions of the plugin had an option to send MIDI note events for monophonic Audio to MIDI conversion. However it is is conceptually at odd with the tuner’s mechanism for precise frequency detection, and was more trouble than its worth. The timing of the events was all over the place.

It would be worth looking into the Fishman Tripleplay Connect, which is the cheaper, USB-connected version of the Tripleplay.
It’s fast and effective, and works as a regular USB-MIDI device on Linux. It doesn’t do continuous pitch-bending, but if semitone resolution is good enough for you, I recommend it as probably the least frustrating option.

Not audio->MIDI as such, but it’s the best option I’ve found for getting MIDI from a guitar.

I use the Sonuus G2M guitar to midi converter. It has an in and out for your guitar signal, and an old-style midi connector. It only works monophonically, but it works pretty well. It takes a 9V battery. At the time I picked mine up a few years ago, I seem to recall it was pretty expensive, but I just looked online and it seems you can get them new for ~70-100 which ain’t bad.

+1 for suggesting hardware solutions. Those are indeed preferable.

An expensive option, and not one that would work if you’re using Linux, but Melodyne can convert any audio to MIDI and it captures the length, position, pitch, and velocity. Melodyne has polyphonic capabilities, which means it can capture all the individual notes in a guitar chord. See Melodyne editor 2 Online Manual | Saving as MIDI

On Windows I use Midi Guitar from Jam Origin. https://www.jamorigin.com/
Not free, but can be used standalone or VST2/3 plugin.
Polyphonic and tracks well enough with a good computer to use live.

I make sure to have a good, clean, unprocessed signal from steel guitar. Exceptional technique and good blocking are essential.


I’m using one of those and you’re right about it being a better solution. I use it after the recording session, feeding tracks into it one by one. Ardour makes this pretty easy to do. There’s another midi port in a second card so it might be useful to buy another one and do the process twice as fast. Thanks for the observation.

Yes, +1 for Brett’s suggestion.

I’ll work on my technique :slight_smile:

Indeed, technique is the big thing with the G2M, but in a sense its a lot like recording anyway. i.e. you don’t want strings giving unintended sympathetic vibrations, two notes ringing where you want only one, etc.

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