X42 Autotune & MIDI ... HOW TO?

If this has been explained already, sorry I couldn’t spot it…

X42 Autotune will be a useful tool for my needs (having used Melodyne for many years I’m familiar with tools of this sort) but for some reason I cannot get the MIDI-based correction function to connect properly.

Must be something really simple I’m missing (PEBKAC for sure)!

So far I’ve tried…

  • Setting up a separate MIDI track, ensuring channels match, and recording desired notes, then running plugin with MIDI mode and proper channel as input. But Autotune doesn’t seem to pay any attention to this info.
  • Trying to get the Autotune plugin to create some source of MIDI snippet I can then edit. Not likely a solution, but gave it a try.
  • Clicking on the virtual 1 octave piano key screen of the plugin to generate the needed MIDI info to be recorded onto a separate (armed) MIDI track.

None of these approaches seem to work (yet). :man_shrugging:

Having read the documentation I could find, it’s still not clear how to get this simple task done.

I’m now eager to smack my forehead for not doing it right sooner… but first I need to get this configured properly :wink:

THANKS for any tips!

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Load the plugin to the vocal audio track. When you play the track the plugin should highlight detected notes.


By default the plugin allows all notes on the chromatic scale. You can now either set a scale to use. e.g. for F-major disable all black keys except Bb and also disable B:


…or use a MIDI track to provide valid Note(s) at a given time. Use a sidechain to feed the MIDI track into plugin’s MIDI input:

Hope that helps.


Ah, two essential tips … many thanks!

(1) I need to give thought to what represent “valid notes” and (2) devote time to understanding how side chains are implemented within Ardour - something I have not had a need to do until this point.

So I’ve now got my homework assignments. Many thanks!

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Wow, this was easy! … once I finally realized that the sidechain option required to employ MIDI pitch guidance for Autotune is found under the circuit pin-looking Icon with the mouse hover description: “Show Plugin Pin Management Dialog” - a perfectly good place for it! :flushed:

Now that I know (what was likely obvious to others) I will have no problem leveraging this awesome feature! Many thanks for developing this phenomenal plugin - and for aiming me in the right direction.

FWIW, it might be helpful to expand the plugin’s “manual” to include a bit more info on how this feature is accessed. And rather than simply ask you or others to bother doing this, I’d gladly volunteer to provide some narrative for consideration to help “pay it forward.” Just let me know.

Many thanks again.

[p.s. - Experimenting with a sidechained MIDI track, it appears that pitch can be controlled through MIDI data while altering velocity has no effect on the targeted audio track with the plugin… is this a correct conclusion?]


I’m glad you found your way around.

Correct, MIDI velocity has no effect. You can however use MIDI pitch-bend for vibrato.

Since the plugin also works in other hosts (Reaper, Carla, Audacity, jalv, LMMS, etc), I chose to not add an Ardour specific tutorial to the plugin’s reference manual.

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oooh … very intriguing…

So I gave it a try - yet another wow!

Whether my finger is fast enough for musically pleasing vibrato is another matter. (A mod wheel controller dialed in for a rate & depth a’la LFO synth control would probably be more in my wheelhouse. But I’ll certainly practice with pitch bend where a lead vocal might benefit.)

Makes sense. Just offering to help. I understand not everyone is wise enough to use Ardour. :wink:

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Well, realistically it’s more useful for bends or FX.

There is a hidden control knob to set the range (default is 2 semitones).
In Ardour, right-click on the plugin on the mixer-strip > Inline Controls > Pitch Bend Range


(alternatively you can also “Edit with generic GUI”, or use an automation-lane to access this control)


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