X42 Autotune from Ardour 5 not found when installing Ardour 6.9

Another dummy question: I had X42 autotune installed on Ardour 5.
Ardour 6 is not finding it.
Is that normal?

If so I will try to reinstall X42 and will hope it does not jeopardize the A5 installation

This is odd. There is no different in how Ardour 5 and 6 find LV2 plugins. They both use liblilv under the hood.

lv2ls | grep fat1

list the plugin URIs?

If so, check the install location:

lv2info http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/fat1 | grep Bundle
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Hi Robin,
strange thing: Starting Ardour 5 the X42-autotune is available and working.

lv2ls | grep fat1


command lv2ls is not available

After installing the command, the answer is

> micha@micha-Lenovo:~$ lv2ls | grep fat1
> lilv_world_load_bundle(): warning: Ignoring bundle <file:///usr/lib/lv2/fat1.lv2/>
> lilv_world_load_bundle(): note: Newer version of <http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/fat1> loaded from <file:///home/micha/.lv2/fat1.lv2/>
> http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/fat1
> http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/fat1#microtonal
> http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/fat1#scales

Does that seem acceptable?


EDIT: I just started Ardour 6.9 again after doing the above mentioned and now X42-autotune is up and running !!!

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