X11 Seems Installed but not recosgnized

I have tried to install X11User.dmg (downloaded from the apple site) but it tells me that I have a newer version installed already on my machine.
I’m currently running OS X (I forgot the version number at the moment).
Jack is running but Ardour doesn’t start at all and doesn’t show any message at all.

Any idea?

How can I check if X11 is really installed properly?
From where I can download the X11 in order to install it on my mac?

I just dowbnload the update MacOSXUpd10.4.10PPC.dmg. This evening I will install it. Do you think it is mandatory?

Many tnx to all.

Best regards


Ardour itself checks for the X11 install (at least in versions 2.0.2 and above). You can do the same check by hand by seeing if the file /usr/include/X11.h exists.

As a footnote, we are making excellent progress on an X11-free version of Ardour for OSX but have no news on when it will be released.

Thaks a lot Paul.
I will try to understand why the OS X tells me that the X11 is already installed.
One more question:
How can I convince X11User.dmg to be installed?

Any idea?
Even a manual remove of all the “footprint” of the X11 currently “installed”



Hi Paul
finally I succeeded.
I was able to install X11 for 10.4.9 downloaded from http://xanana.ucsc.edu/xtal/x11.html

Then I installed Ardour 2.0.3 and it works just fine.
Now the task force is to study Ardour and get familiar with it.

Paul I have a question. In another topic you talk about JackOSX version 0.101. I was able to find ONLY the 0.74 fropm their web site.
What to do?
Is it OK with Ardour 2.0.3?