x11 or... er, i dunno

hey crew.
just trying to get ardour running on a mac, i’m a linux user so i get lost quite easy in this world.

i have Leopard on a ppc and it seems that i can get jackpilot running all fine(alsa, not yet qjackctl).
i am sure i have x11 installed and ardour looked like it starts finr but i can’t access the program at all.
it appears to be running but in the menu bar all i have ais file edit view and the options are basic, not the rull gammut of ardours features. apart form that there is no gui at all, or any hints of an error.

what am i doing wrong. this is the first time i have run an opensource of in osx, so i’m a bit of a noob here.


Alsa is not for mac so i’m not sure why you mention it

Anyway it’s normal you see no menu as under X11.app menus will appear linux-style and not in the regular OS X menu bar.
But of course there should be a main window showing up.

How did you install X11? On 10.4 i believe you need to install it from the install DVD. Got no clue about 10.5 though, most mac users don’t yet have it

Also… in 10.5, Ardour WON’T launch X11 for you for some reason. I have to start X11 by hand (even though you shouldn’t have to), then start Ardour.

sorry, i meant to say i have ‘jack pilot’ not yet qjackctl…

installed x11 in the same way that is suggested, from the original dvd.
i can’t work out what the main window won’t open. i read that in 10.5 you don’t need to do this with x11 as it is built in but i did it anyway.

i have been trying to debug it and get some clues on whats actually going wrong, acn someone suggest other methods to start ardour.app/ in the terminal so i can investigate whats missing. i noticed there are some scripts built into the .app/ package but i’m unfamilar with the osx way.


open a console window (Applications -> Utilities -> Console). it will contain error messages from ardour as it starts up, as well as information about it crashing.