X-Touch extender on Windows?

Hi All,

Been using X-Touch for ages now, and I’ve had an offer of an X-Touch extender, to add another 8 channels at a great price.

Will this work? I’m aware that there could be limitations using multiple devices of the same type, but does Ardour/Windows handle this?

Thanks all

Go to Edit > Preferences > Control Surfaces. Tick the checkbox in front of “Mackie”. Then click on “Show Protocol Settings”. Now, open the “Device Type” dropdown menu. Here you can see if one of the different X-Touch-configurations suits your needs.

Thanks Thomas,

I did go there before. I can see…
“Behringer X-Touch + X-Touch Compact”

and also…
Mackie Control with 1 extender (and also 2 extenders)

But not
“Behringer X-Touch + 1 extender” - which is what I was hoping for.

Now, will “Mackie Control with 1 extender” pick up the X-Touch and an 8ch extender to give me 16ch control?

…the extender that was on offer is now sold (Grrr!), but if I think this is going to work, I’d consider forking out full price for one… I seem to be forever working with 10-12 tracks, as I go on-site with 2x Zoom 12ch desks to do the capture, then bring them in-house to upload into Ardour, so constantly switching channel-banks.

Hope that all makes sense


Maybe @paul needs to clarify that. After all, an Xtouch with one or two extenders would probably make more sense than a full Xtouch with one or two Xtouch Compact because, well, an extender is designed to extend the full unit while the compact is not designed as an extension.

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