X-Touch extender on Windows 10?

I have Ardour 7.5, working well with X-touch.

Now have an X-touch extender, but I cant make it work with Ardour… has anyone got this combination working, or has config advice?

After working with Ardour for many years… am I facing the pain in moving to another DAW? Hope not, as I think Ardour is incredible!


Certainly possible to make it work, but can’t give further advice until tomorrow

Thanks Paul, that would be really really good. I did spend a couple of
hours wrestling with Reaper, but I’d rather not make the switch - It works
fine with the X-touch/extender config, just not with my head! :wink:

I did switch back to Ardour late in the evening and I could see a
“Xtouch+extender” somewhere in the selections (Which I don’t recall seeing
before), but it was 2am and barely conscious by then, and when I selected
it, PC crashed, so I headed for bed… I’ll search for it later this
evening again.

While I got ya… how does the “send colors to X-Touch” button work? Can’t
see it doing anything, but no idea if there’s some prerequisite config I’ve

All the best
Paul R