X-touch-compact not working

(No Lixo) #1

Dear all,

I’m totally newbie and I got my x-touch-compact and tried to use in ardour without success.

I followed instructions in http://manual.ardour.org/using-control-surfaces/mackie-control-protocol/behringer-devices-in-mackielogic-control-mode/#compact and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01aJWbzzNmM:

  • connect via USB to computer
  • switch to MC mode
  • start jackd (via qjactl). BTW, should I act on jack configuration to make x-touch communicating with ardour?
  • I see x-touch-compact in the “alsa” tab of jack connections as “x-touch compact midi 1” in both readable and writable clients.
  • start ardour, set control surface to Mackie, device “x-touch-compact” but surface sends/receives are “disconnected” and no way to connect them can be found …
  • … and no control of ardour mixer responds to x-touch faders …

Any suggestion?

(Paul Davis) #2

You need to explicitly connect the surface sends/receives from drop downs in the surface preferences/config dialog. You can also do it in the MIDI patchbay matrix (Window > MIDI Connections)

(No Lixo) #3

Paul, thank you for your support.

Unfortunately it is not so trivial.
The point is that I don’t see any alternatives to “Disconnected” in the drop-down for sends and receives (actually, it does not drop-down at all). The same in the MIDI Connection Manager window.

As I said, I see the X-Touch Compact in the “ALSA” tab of Jack Connections window but it is not connected to anything (see picture).


Maybe a silly question: has it anything to do with enabling MIDI Driver in Jack Setup? In that case, should I choose raw or seq?

Any idea?

OS: Debian GNU/Linux
kernel 4.19.0
Ardour 5.12.0
Jack2 1.9.12

(No Lixo) #4

After posting the reply I got an illumination: digging more into jack doc I found that a2jmidid is needed to make ALSA midi apps available. Now I’m able to select X-Touch in the Sends/Receives drop-downs in control surface config.


(Paul Davis) #5

If you don’t need to route audio between applications, your life will be much easier if you stop using JACK and just use Ardour’s own ALSA audio/MIDI driver. This is what we recommend to most users these days.

(Luis Finotti) #6

Just to clarify: you recommend ALSA because it is easier/simpler and therefore less prone to problems, or because it is more efficient?

(Paul Davis) #7

Theoretically it is very slightly more efficient, but the main reason is that it’s simpler for users in almost every way. Routing between audio/MIDI applications is cool and sometimes very powerful, but also not part of most people’s workflow.