Wrong language on installation

for some reason my install is in italian on my Macbook Pro. i’ve tried it twice! A year ago i was living in italy, but I changed my mac account and everything i can think of into UK/English when I moved. No other apps have ever installed in Italian! Where is the installer looking to get its country information?

Most likely, you have a secondary language preference still set, and for reasons we do not entirely understand, Ardour ends up picking this in some cases.

it would help if you could paste the contents of ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour6/stdout.log and ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour6/stderr.log so that we can take a look.

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That being said, getting debug information as Paul suggested would be helpful.

You’re right, I do have Italian set as the secondary language. Loaded using Terminal and have now turned translations off in prefs and now it loads fine. Thank you both.

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