Writing automation with scrolling wheel

I normally draw all my automation, but I’m giving the “riding” thing a try, to that end I am looking for a way to manipulate the fader with just the scrolling wheel (show mixer strip in editor on), just as in Manual mode, but either in Touch, Write or Latch mode that feature is blocked. Can this be done? I would like to avoid click and drag for this action. Thanks.

If “the fader” means the main gain fader for a track/bus …

In the Editor view (where the fader is horizontal), the fader is sensitive to left/right events from a scrollwheel … make the automation lane for the fader visible, put it into automation write (etc.) mode, then generate left/right events to your hearts’ content.

In the Mixer view (where the fader is vertical), the fader is sensitive to up/down events from a scrollwheel. So take the steps mentioned above, and then either use the editor mixer strip or the main mixer view to scroll up/down and record the fader automation.

Note: you can’t use touch or latch modes with scroll events because there is no equivalent to “start-touch” (mouse-down) and “end-touch” (mouse-up). You need a different sort of physical device for that (faders with capacitative touch sensing, typically).

Paul thanks for your time, right now I am away from my computer but will later check your tips and come back :cowboy_hat_face:

It was pointed out to me by Ben @ Harrison that Latch mode ought to work with the scroll wheel as well. However, this wasn’t working until a few minutes ago when Robin Gareus fixed it to do so.

Ok checked!

Scrollwheel on horizontal fader doesn’t seem to work, either with the main track fader or the one that shows up below when activating atuomation lane, for me it just scrolls the whole editor up and down.

This is working fine : )
I can write automation scrolling on the editor mixer strip, for latch it requires a first click before responding though. A pity my mouse cannot work the touch mode magic : (

Thanks for your guidance!

Are you sure your scroll wheel support left/right? Meaning you physically move the scroll whell to the left or right (instead of scrolling up and down).


Since Ardour 6.2-3 it works without the initial click.

As for the track-header fader: If your scroll-wheel is up/down (y-axis only), you can hold shift.

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Haha I didn’t even imagine that was a thing, I supposed it would just read my up and down as right/left. Sadly I don’t have such a wheel, it neither did occur to me to hold shift as Robin suggests, gonna give a try although I’m guessing I will stick to a convenient 6.2.3 update and the vertical scroll.

Thanks for your answers! :cowboy_hat_face:

Current https://nightly.ardour.org/ version already includes the fix for Latch automation.

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