write comments to a region


is it possible to write comments at certain points/regions, like “raise bridge pickup to 7” ??

Thanks for any hint!


Don’t Ardour’s extensive automation facilities enable you to make it do that for you?
If you really need markers with messages, just hit keypad “enter” at the relevant point while it’s playing and type in your message. (there’s a preferences setting to say whether you type your text in when you create the marker or not. If you don’t, you get a simple number but can edit later).

They would be markers. There’s no way to add “Comments” other than markers, along the timeline at least.

…and markers are tied to the timeline, not to a region, as I’ve learned from many instances of moving regions around and then realizing the markers have become meaningless.

@anahata - Yep, sounds familiar. :slight_smile:
You might be interested in http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=3431 (and related bugs linked to it), in case you weren’t already aware.

Now having midi in Ardour I actually use Ardour not only to record, but also to compose music. Such a feature would be great to keep track of chord progressions. I can add comments into a track, it would be great to see the possibility to add comments to a region, and markers linked to regions or locked to positions relative to the region start :slight_smile: .