Would someone be interested in doing an Ardour instructional series?

I think a sectional video series on using Ardour would be a really helpful thing for a lot of people. Even just a few minutes on occasion on YouTube would do the trick. It would be awesome to actually watch the entire process of setup,recording, and mixing done by an Ardour expert from scratch. It certainly could clear some of the easy stuff out of the forums, and teach us all a thing or two as well. A peek inside a real studio running Ardour would be cool too!

What do you guys think? Any takers?

I would really like if someone spent the effort to do this. Hopefully somebody is able to sometime.

I’d like to third this request for some instructional vids as I think it’d be of great benefit to the Ardour and Linux Audio/Multimedia communities. I would do one myself, but I’m really new to Ardour and only know the very basics right now- I still have lots of questions myself but I thought I’d give a few suggestions and tips for any who would be up to the task of producing an instructional video.

There are two tools which would come in extremely handy for anyone doing this and that is gtkrecordmydesktop (which would allow you to record your desktop actions as well as a voiceover to a .ogg theora in realtime) and the Zoom feature under Compiz (normally activated by holding the Windows key and scrolling mouse wheel). This zoom feature will be very handy for making clear exactly what button is being pushed as Ardour does need a decent-sized desktop to be used properly (at least 1024x768) and this is a much higher res than what will be shown on sites like Google Video and so the pixellization would make the image/controls difficult to discern otherwise. Cinelerra or Blender could be used to edit it together and remember winff is your Linux video conversion friend!

This is tempting…I wrote this article a while back that goes over Ardour basics as well as a few other programs–mostly describing the interface.

YouTube videos are some of the most effective advertising options out there, so I would love to see some Ardour instructional videos done. At the moment I’m a beginner, too, but that shouldn’t stop someone from covering a simple topic that they know in Ardour, or even a new one that you want to learn. Right now I don’t have any good audio projects in the works and I just upgraded to Hardy which I’m still working on configuring really well.

Maybe a little down the line. Anyone else want to tackle a simple topic? No reason to think you’re unqualified, just show what you do!

Shameless BUMP!

If this idea simply can’t/won’t happen maybe someone do a walk through on a simple project? Say just how to set up and record a song for a four piece band? Obviously not things like room acoustics or micing as that is out of scope. All comments/input welcome :slight_smile:

Thats a really good idea! youtube is, although bought and commercial, a powerfull tool to spread ideas and information. Like the idea i had doing a workshop in berlin in 2009 (see my post) this might be even more effective…

Yeah, that would be great. But there should be some system behind it, not just guys randomly recording/mixing some tracks. I think it should be short videos, describing one tool at a time, maybe along this tutorial, which I found very helpful when I began. Maybe there could be a reference project that is used in all videos and people could download it and work live with the tutorial.

I would do some videos, but unfortunately I write my masters thesis at the moment so I don’t have the time right now.