working with ardour in a movie

first sorry about my bad english im from Brasil(Rio de Janeiro)i put linux in my machine and i start to work with ardour and unbuntu studio 1 month ago.I love it its so easy to edit sound,but how can i put sounds in a movie working with ardour?i try to search on net but i dont understand how to do that so if anybody give me a help i will aprecciate…again sorry about the bad english thanks a lot!


What you’re looking for is Xjadeo, It is a video player that runs with JACK, I personally have it installed but haven’t gotten into using it yet so I can’t help you with the details.

Here is a great Ubuntu Audio repo where you can download Xjadeo:

yes i can t connect with cinelerra…i put some notes on a paper with the markers and then i record on ardour .it was very complicated but you know im learning…it was a very short stop motion film…i gonna folow your tips…and try syncronize with xjadeo…and the effects to…thanks again

arthur:thanks for the tip,i will use it. that movie(i was working)its ready.I record on ardour and after i sync with cinelerra…but i want to that at the same time…i will study the xjadeo…other question:do you know how can i put effects on a track on ardour?once again thanks!

i think you can´t connect cinelerra wirth ardour, cause cinelerra has no jack?!?. but you can syncronize xjadeo with ardour, so when the cutting is finished, you can do the sounddesign on it, but you can´t do both, soundediting and cutting at the same time…
when you have the cutting done render the movie to a smaller size, all that is described really good on the xjadeo homepage,…

putting effects: push right button when you´re on the channelstrip (under the input button, theres a blank black field, there!) and then choose your effects…