working on sound in a video

Hi Folks!

we’ve got that beautiful mp4 video recording of a familial event that we like to keep recorded for kids to remember.
Sound is sometimes very loud, sometimes very low, depending on the diversity of voices.
Is it possible in Ardour (5.8) to treat that?
No fancy stuff is wanted, just an equal general level, and maybe some EQ on/off from time to time…


Thanks for your answer guys, am really newbie in video and it helps a lot!
Have made a mix of your 2 suggestions, fader moves + a-compressor.
Now I’ve found “export to video file”, and will read the manual, since there’s a lot options provided…
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Session > Open Video ?? There’s nothing builtin that will automatically bring all the volume to the same level, but you can ride the faders and record your movements as automation. You can also edit per-region gain graphically. Others may have different suggestions involving plugins of various kinds.

A compressor could help. In Ardour 5.8 should be the a-Compressor which you can use. Try to play around with Threshold and Ratio to get an acceptable, more compressed sound.
This can be a bit tricky on very long audio parts, so you might want to break it down into smaller parts