Working but no audio

Good morning. I’ve installed Ardour4 but am unable to hear any audio when I import audio tracks. I’m VERY new to Linux and completely unfamiliar with “jacks”. My music player plays fine but nothing comes while playing from Ardour itself. If you direct me to the command line please be very specific as I am learning how to use it. Any help is needed.

Thank you,

Hello, I’m new to Ardour, too, but will try to help. Please forgive and correct me if I’m talking nonsense :slight_smile:

I suppose, that you already have installed Jack audio system!? Ardour needs it.
Does the Master shows activity when you play the session?

If so and still no sound:
Install a tool like qjackctrl (there are several such tools).
Start Ardour and choose a project.
Now open qjackctrl and go to “connections”
Click “unfold all” (That’s the name, I guess. Mine says “alle Aufklappen”)
Verify that the “Master/audio_out 1” and 2 on the left side are connected to “system->playback_1” and 2 at the right side.
If these are not connect mark the corresponding input and output and then click “connect”

After that you should hear sound. If not, please ask an expert.