Workaround for file browser within plugins not opening

Hi troops, apologies in advance if I’m missing something basic here.

Ardour 8.4 on Linux (Mint 21.3).

Is anyone familiar with workarounds for when the file browser doesn’t open from within a VST? Eg. using Ugritone drums VST3 in Ardour, can’t load different drum kits because nothing happens when you click to browse for sample folders.

I found Robin’s kind reply in this thread but I’m not sure what to do with the info / instructions there.

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile: much appreciated.

It’s a windows plugin, right ? So there’s more layers of possible problems: wine and yabridge (or what you are using…)
Robin’s replay it’s just a consideration, not useful for you.

Thanks for the kind reply :slight_smile:

Negative, it’s a native Linux VST3.

I’ve seen this behaviour in Ardour with other VSTs like Speedrun. File browser opens within the same plugins when using Reaper.

As far as I understand from that other thread, it’s not something that can be fixed but only worked around however I don’t understand the workaround proposed.

Ah sorry, with a quick look at the Ugriton website I did’t see the linux version. Did yout try to ask them ?

If I understand correctly, Ardour blocks the file dialogs because they are not real-time safe. I also have this problem in several Linux native plugins and find it rather annoying. I think the workaround Robin describes is more for plugin developers.

What sometimes helps me is to load the plugin in another host (e.g. Carla) and open the desired samples or kits there, then save it as a preset which can then be selected in Ardour. Even when this works, it always takes me out of my flow and workflow.

To the Ardour developers: one idea I have is to allow the file dialogs only when Ardour is not playing or recording. But I’m not experienced enough to know if that would even be possible.

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Negative - they bundle Linux VSTs with their drum plugin / samples but they don’t offer support (and don’t mention linux on their site) so I didn’t bother asking them about this :upside_down_face:

That actually sounds like a nifty, mildy-irritating but still-acceptable workaround. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try it out when I get home tonight :+1:

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