work in progress


I am disclosing a work in progress. It’s the drum parts of one of my songs. The song itself is not finished yet but this mp3 contains the full thing regarding the drums. I made it with AD running in DSSI-VST host, triggered by the MIDI sequencer Rosegarden, recorded in Ardour and quickly mastered with Jamin. The Addictive Drums setting is my own. I started from the Punchy Pop preset that I modified quite a lot.

It’s a bit long and has many parts, I hope just the drums won’t be too boring, try to enjoy :slight_smile:

hello Zipdot,

Thanks for your interest. I either removed it or it’s been removed automatically. In any case, things have changed, this song is not finished and I modified it quite a lot (after a few days break, I realized I didn’t like the sound of it :). The problem is that I found a full time job and have no longer time to spend with the community. So I cannot tell you when I update anything. But if I do, I will post something.

“The uploader has removed this file from the server.”

Any updates around?